Meet Our Farm Animals

Bonnie & Clyde

A pair of  8 month old Tennessee Fainting Goats were rescued from a neighbor in October of 2012. A surprise baby came in January of 2013, promptly named Billy the Kid. Clyde was fixed, but the deed had already been done. January 19th, the coldest day of 2013, we found a baby goat standing by his mama's leg. Bonnie was a great mother from the start. She cleaned him up so clean and dry.


Flock of Chickens

3 Cucoo Marans

4 Americanas

4 Copper Marans

2 White Silkies

2 Plymouth Rock


We wanted some hens for fresh eggs, but ended up with 3 roosters. So now the boys entertain us all day with their sing song. They actually complete our farm. A rooster crowing is a nice finishing touch.

Meet Our Kitties


We found Murphy with his kitten sister and mother in the back of our office, looking lost and miserable. We took them to the vet to have them spayed and neutered and became attached to them. Shannon, the mom cat, was killed by stray dogs few months after. Annie was about 5 years old when she was gone and never came home. Murphy got run over by a car when he was 3, his back leg had to be amputated. To our pleasant surprise he gets along extremely well with just 3 legs. Murphy is a very cool kitty with a beautiful personality, all other cats like him. Murphy and all the kitties are now living a safe and happy life since we move to Honeymoon Bee Farm.


Some one had thrown Lilie out one night at our office. She was a little kitten, lost and frightful, she cried loudly while hiding in the bush and would not let anybody near her. Murphy took her under his care and slowly we were able to catch her and take her to the vet. She got her name from the place we found her, hiding in the blooming lily patch in the spring so many years ago.


We adopted Vino and his mother Georgia one August day when we went to Fruits and Berry Patch to pick the ripe Georgia peaches and grapes. A kind lady had found them on her back porch and did not want to take them to the shelter, she just wanted to find good home for them. Good home is what they got, for sure. Vino is still with us, our beautiful tiger looking kitty. His mother Georgia went to cat heaven few years ago. Vino is the king of the barn, he keeps the mice at bay. Vino is a loner, he does not care for the other cats, but somehow he has developed a fondness for our dog Grace He runs to Grace and greets her like a long lost friend every time he sees her. Every time he sees us he always has much to say in meow language.

Momo & Sweetie

There were 3 kittens that were abandoned in front of a vet’s office. I happened to take Georgia to the vet that day and came home with all 3 kittens because I didn’t have the heart to separate them. We lost Meat Ball few years ago. Momo got his name from our first cat, Maurice, extremely lovable and full of personality. Sweetie fits her name to a tee, as she is round and sweet and always hangs around the porch and the garage, always ready for our caress.

Micky & Minnie

The black and white tuxedo kitties.   The local animal shelters are filled with kittens even late in the year. Several cats that have passed away made room for a few more so I thought we could adopt a couple of kittens. They were so little when we brought them home, and they were very afraid of dogs.   But it didn’t take them long, they grew up around Grace our Great Pyrenees and get used to her in no time. When they were big enough to live outside, Micky and Minnie join the rest of the crew in the garden, free to climb trees and chase butterflies. Every time we take Grace out for our daily walk, Micky and Minnie will accompany us, mostly walking with Grace and try to rub on her, lay down on Grace when she lays down on the grass, play with her tail, knead her belly, they think Grace is a big white furry cat. In fact they also think that Panda, Bruno and Butterfly are cats, they try to play with them just the same. 

Thousands of years ago, cats were worshiped as gods.
Cats have never forgotten this.


If you are looking for the biggest return of your investment, rescue a shelter animal or two.
You will be amazed by the love, joy, and companionship in return.

Grace and Molly



Micky & Minnie



Meet Our Dogs

Grace: A happy tail

We did not know anything about Grace's background except that she was surrendered to the animal shelter in sad shape. When we adopted her from a kill shelter, she had lost a lot of her white fur coat and where her pale skin was exposed, she was skin and bone. Great Pyrenees normally weigh over 90lbs to 170lbs. She barely weighed 62lbs. Grace had a litter of 7 puppies, we adopted 5 of them while the other 2 went to a big dog rescue in Nashville. We found homes for 2 pups and kept 3. The vet said Grace was about 2 years old when we adopted her. (See Grace at the top of the page in the middle of the dog's fenced in running field)

But that was long ago... Looking at Grace now you would not know she had a rough beginning. She now weighs 90lbs, has a full thick beautiful fur coat as she gets a “spa session” everyday. We did not intend to have an indoor dog, but in no time Grace has moved in with us and feels right at home, like she is the princess of her castle.

Grace would not mess the house, she would hold it until she is taken outside. She does not get on the furniture, she does not jump on people, she does not steal food in the kitchen, she does not beg at the dinner table, she is quiet and polite and most lovable. She is true to Great Pyrenees temperament, very gentle, quiet, relaxed and composed.

One thing about Grace that took us a good year to figure out was her terrifying fear of thunderstorms, lightening, fireworks, and gunshots. She would cry, whimper, her body would shake uncontrollably and she would try to run away in panic. Before we knew how to help her, Grace ran away many times. Luckily, every time she met some kind dog lover who took care of her and called us. We made sure she has her collar with a name tag and she is microchipped. Now we have a safe room where she can go into to wait out the storm or the noise.

Grace now has a job to fulfill, she is a therapy dog, an ambassador of her breed, and a speaker of Great Pyrenees. Everywhere we go, Grace attracts attention and indirectly educates people about dogs and adoption. She has helped find homes for several rescued dogs.


Panda (from Kung Fu Panda) was a brave puppy, the only one in the bunch who was not afraid of playing rough with momma Grace. He loves to eat so it’s natural that he was the most round, fat, cutest puppy and now the most muscular of the 3. We took him and the other pups to obedience classes and Panda slept soundly throughout the sessions. But he does know the commands, “sit”, “down”, “stay”, and “leave it”. He will not touch the treat if we say “leave it”, but boy he hates that command and can’t wait until we say “ok, you can have it!"


As a little puppy, when she ran her big ears flapped like butterfly wings. At the beginning when we set out to go to the animal shelter, we thought of adopting 2 dogs so they would have each other’s company. We wanted to adopt the adult  momma dog since we knew her time was up and adult dogs have a hard time to find homes. We had to choose a puppy, and that wasn’t easy. Ken picked Butterfly thinking she was “timid with sad eyes and darling face”. Well, it turns out that she can hold her own against her big brothers. In fact the boys afraid of her! I think she is really a smart puppy, she knew how to put on a face with an adopt-me look so she would be adopted right away!


Bruno is so handsome he has to have an Italian name! Bruno was going to be adopted by a family in New York, but after spending 3 months in transit at a foster home, he came back to us full of fleas and a fear of being abandoned. Three months in a confined kennel with little nutrition had caused him to limp on his front leg. We took him to the vet and it was suggested that we keep him confined, and give him daily medication until his leg healed. It was not possible to keep Bruno away from his siblings, for he would die of sadness. So we let Bruno be with Panda and Butterfly, let them frolick in the sun, run like wild horses, and play with each other like normal puppies do. With good nutrition and much TLC, Bruno recovered miraculously, his bones grew stronger, his legs ran faster and he smiled bigger. Yes, he really smiles!

In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.


Bruno, Grace, Butterfly, Panda

Grace, Panda, and Butterfly

My dog is not spoiled - I am well trained.


All our animals have added so much joy and love into our lives, we can’t imagine our home without any of our dogs and cats.