Honeymoon Bee Farm is a small organic farm located on top of Black Oak Ridge in Knoxville, Tennessee, surrounded by the 360 degree panorama of the Smokey Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau.

We are a husband and wife team, the owners and sole workers on the farm, there are no paid staff except for occasional helping hands of friends and families. Ken and Lan are both dentists in a family private practice. But at home, Ken is the builder/ electrician/ carpenter/ plumber/ farm equipment mechanic/ engineer, and Lan is the landscape designer/ farmer/ beekeeper/ architect/ photographer/ chef/ artist.

In the process of creating a long-blooming bee garden and pasture on our farm, we research the trees and plants that produce good nectar and nutritious pollen  to provide a healthy diet for our honey bees. Just like the diet for human beings and and other creatures, honey bees benefit greatly from a rich variety of flowers that will bloom from Spring until Fall. Since not all flowers provide rich nutrition for our little darlings, it is important to grow the good stuff in order to raise healthy bee colonies and harvest rich quality honey.

If you want to be happy forever and ever, grow a garden.

When a piece of heaven falls to earth, it becomes a garden.

All profits from sales of Honeymoon Bee Farm gifts go to DDS4Kids humanitarian organization, a state and federal registered non-profit organization. Our love of growing natural food and sharing them with others goes hand in hand with our passion of helping children living in deep poverty. DDS4Kids (short for Doctors of Dental Surgery For Children) has no paid staff, and practically no overhead so all donations go directly to the children we serve. Everyone is a volunteer who contributes time, skills, resources to remove and prevent pain and suffering, and to better the lives of people who are still living with no electricity or running water. 

We bring the much-needed medical and dental services to children and adults in Africa, Central & South America, and Asia since 1978. At the present, DDS4Kids is the only organization with teams traveling to remote villages in Southeast Asia providing basic health education to elementary school children all year round for over a decade.

You are invited to visit our website www.dds4kids.org to learn more about the scope of our effort and see how every small and simple kindness naturally multiplies and touches the lives of many.

Thank you for thinking of Honeymoon Bee Farm and DDS4Kids in your future gift giving occasions.
We hope you will enjoy this special gift that will keep on giving. Warmest Wishes from all of us!